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Thank you for considering HSBC as a potential partner. We recommend you read the following information before submitting your proposal online. Unfortunately we are unable to support individuals seeking sponsorship or students seeking support for university studies.


The context for sponsorship  

Sponsorship plays an important role in building the HSBC brand and enabling our customers to experience our philosophy and positioning. Sponsorships allow us to associate with customer passions, such as sports, culture or entertainment, which we know they actively seek out. Engaging with customers in these relevant and trusted environments will help to build purchase preference and loyalty, and ultimately drive business growth.


What sponsorship does for HSBC  

Sponsorship will play a different role in HSBC markets depending upon the level of market maturity. This is because there will be different levels of existing awareness and engagement (based on time in the market, branch network, etc.) which sponsorship will build upon. Therefore dependent on the focus of tasks and maturity or market, sponsorship might:

  • Deepen customer relationships and deliver higher retention and loyalty;
  • Generate exposure for HSBC and increase awareness.

In all markets, sponsorship will also help to motivate and inspire our colleagues, and can support corporate responsibility objectives. Sponsorship is able to achieve these roles because it:

  • Allows us to interact with our audience through their passions;
  • Creates associations that add status and stature to HSBC;
  • Physically brings the brand experience to life;
  • Differentiates our brand from those of our competitors;
  • Creates customer experiences that help drive business growth
  • Allows us to be locally relevant while being globally consistent; and
  • Offers scalability and efficiencies for multiple markets.

Group policy restrictions  

As a matter of policy HSBC does not support:

  • Individuals or scholarship schemes;
  • Political, partisan, religious, sectarian associations;
  • Multi-sponsor properties with other financial service companies involved;
  • Projects for commercial gain or to fill a shortfall in statutory spending;
  • Properties that could potentially create a reputational risk;
  • Capital spend or refurbishment projects;
  • Properties which contradict our environmental and ethical policies.
  • Restricted sports sponsorship areas are Motorsport, Horseracing, Hunting, Shooting, Boxing and other contact or Martial Arts.

Your next steps?  

We would appreciate if you would complete this short Sponsorship Request Form. You will be able to type or paste any additional comments and information towards the end. 

Please complete one Sponsorship Request Form for each type of package (i.e. Major Sponsor, Secondary Sponsor, Official Supplier, etc.).

Please answer all questions and ensure you include a rights fee or asking budget. All information will be treated confidentially. Before submitting online, you may print a blank version of the Sponsorship Request Form by clicking on Printable Form at top right. Please do not mail or fax.

Thank you in advance for your time and we will come back to you in due course.

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